Delarboulas, whose origins date back to 1865, is based on traditional manufacturing methods and crafts to design his collections of knives, spoons and forks table. She excels in the control of iron and tin work which she associates with the same concern for perfection of wood or more contemporary materials such as acrylic. His expertise is in the design culture. The design of a product to its entire production, it supports our work with imagination and our ability to adapt to customer needs. Evidenced by emblematic creations such as the model developed by Bamboo Ralph Lauren model and Madonna, who was born to satisfy the wishes of the artist. Delarboulas today responds to an international application. We contribute to the global reach of tableware and more particularly to the reputation of the high-end cutlery and silverware French.

Delarboulas is a brand of Andre Verdier Cutlery.

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